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Serpukhov is the Russian city district as a part of the Moscow region. The population is 166,493 (2019). By the resolution of the Moscow regional Duma of April 28, 2016 the city was awarded the honorary title of "Settlement of military valor".

The origin of the Serpukhov toponym

The city in 1336 referred to as Serpuhov and only from the XVI century the modern form Serpukhov came into use. Until nowadays, there is no clear explanation of the origin of the toponym Serpukhov. There are several variants of the origin of the name, none of them, however, is not generally accepted:

  • from the hypothetical name "Sickle" (Serpuh)
  • from the name of the river Serpeyka;
  • from the plant called serpuha;
  • from the river Serpeyka-shaped skirted the Cathedral (Red) hill;
  • from the fact that in the vicinity of the city sickles were forged;
  • from the canonical name of Serapion;
  • different versions of Finno-Ugric origin and other versions.

Coat of Arms

In a scarlet shield on a silver hill a Golden peacock with green sequins on the feathers of a loose tail and scarlet eyes stands.


Justification of symbol:

Peacock - the main element of the historical coat of arms of 1883 of Serpukhov.

In heraldry the red color is a symbol of wealth, love, health and courage.

Silver is a symbol of simplicity, perfection, nobility, wisdom and mutual cooperation.

Gold is a symbol of strength, strength, generosity, and sunlight.


Lyrics and music — Elena Kochetkova

Geographic data

Serpukhov is located on the southern borders of the Moscow region on the Nara river, 99 km from the center of Moscow and 73 km from the Moscow ring road.

Serpukhov occupies a favorable territorial position, combining three regions: Tula, Kaluga and Moscow, which contributes to a convenient and comprehensive travel for tourists in three different directions. For example, from Moscow you can go on a trip to the so-called literary triangle: G. O. Chekhov (Melikhovo – A. P. Chekhov), Tula region (Yasnaya Polyana – L. N. Tolstoy), Kaluga region (the House of the Tsvetaev family and the House of Paustovsky – M. I. Tsvetaeva and K. G. Paustovsky). Serpukhov in this route acts as a connecting city, where trips are made to a particular object of visit, also Serpukhov is inextricably linked with the history of these great writers and poets, as you can learn from the thematic tours of the city.


The climate is temperate continental.


Train station

PL. Station, 1; Tel.: 8 (800) 775-00-00; Daily: 8:00-20:00

Bus terminal

Voroshilov street, 214; Tel.: +7 (4967) 31-16-58; Daily: 7:00-21:00

Public transport

You can get around the city by bus, minibus or taxi. The cost of travel by bus or minibus from 40 R, by taxi – from 80R. To explore the Central part of the city it is better to walk.

The "Port Serpukhov»

"Port Serpukhov" is one of the main carriers of cargo and passengers in the Moscow region, and also provides sightseeing transportation of Serpukhov - Polenovo, Serpukhov - Tarusa, Serpukhov - Pushchino, Serpukhov - Lanshino, Serpukhov - Lukyanovo.

Krasnoflotsky lane., 5; +7 (4967) 72-77-28, +7 (499) 707-10-25;